The MA700 can handle for challenging short take off and landing conditions in hot temperature and high altitude.It allows a safe,comfortable,fast and highly efficient operation for regional airline.The next Generation MA700 turpoprop meet the later envirionmental standards and combine it with high reliability and easy maintenance.


High-efficiency aerodynamic design

95%airports in China

With its highly efficiency aerodynamic

deign,high-lift-wing,T-shape empennage and winglets,it is significantly improving controllability and airport adaptability.

The MA700 is a very flexible aircraft suitable for more than 95% of all airport in China.

Advanced Power System

8-10%lower fuel burn

Fully optimized and improved PW150C next generation engine and DOWTY R504 propellerfor lower fuel burn and lower emission than the competitive.

Integrated Modular Avionics System

15%reduction of the maintenance costs

First use of a fly-by-wire control system in a turboprop aircraft generating less operational load and 15% lower maintenance cost.

 Integrated modular avionics system decrease operational load allowing for better performance and safety.

Fly and Field Performance


With in new power system,the MA700 has a cruise speed of 344kt (637km/h) and a single engine ceiling of 5690m leading to a letter field performance than other aircraft in the same class.



Our MA700 is more focused on Passenger comfort,with the newly designed cabin providing maximum height and width,It offers more space and comfort than other aircraft in the same class. The cabin is fully LED light equipped and offers a more pleasant cabin atmosphere and flying experience in changing environment.


Weight Parameters(kg) Maximum taxi weight 27700
Maximum takeoff weight 27600
Maximum landing weight 27400
Maximum zero fuel weight 24400
The Maximum payload 8600
Performance data Maximum range 2700km
Ground minimum turning radius 25.0m
Standard payload range 1500km
Passenger seating number 68~86people
Cargo capacity 11.88㎡
Fuel consumption 21.6g(600km,Block km fuel consumption)
Field performance(m) FAR takeoff field length(MTOW,SL,ISA) 1309
FAR landing field length(MLW,SL,ISA) 1221
Maximnum altitude 7620
Extreme performance(m) Single engine ceiling(95%MTOW,ISA+10℃) 5690
Maximum airport elevation 4000
Ambient temperature data Airport elevation range for application -305m(-1000ft)~4000m(13123ft);
Airport atmospheric temperature range for application-40℃~ISA+40℃ ;
Atmospheric temperature range for application insea level-55℃~55℃ 。
Speed(km/H) Maximum cruise speed(MTOW,ISA,6000m) 637
Economical cruising speed 550~580
At the airport elevation 2842m,ISA+25℃ run unabated load At the airport 2155melevation,ISA+23℃ second takeoff climb gradient of not less than3.5%


Same site jet
  • Fuel Consumptionkg
  • Fuel Consumptionkg


High reliability,High dispatch rate
Dispatch reliability(DR)EIS ≥99.5%
Daily utilization 8FH
Annual utilization 2600FH
Maintenance intervals
Daily check 24H
weekly check 7D
A check 600FH/FC
C check 4800FH/FC
FD first time24000FC
ED first time96M

Customer Service

On the basis of 10 years operation,MA aircraft gained rich experiences.A brand new M3A,lifecycle-oriented,complete and highly efficient service system,will be and successful operation.
7*24 services
Working hours, late leisure time, weekends, holidays
One-stop fast response services
We provide customer all-lifecyccle service and support,establishing a product all-lifecycle solution covering pre-sale support, delivery, operation, lease, second-hand aircraft disposition to maximize customers’benefit.
Full service
The MA aircraft service network provides comprehensive after-sales support to custumers, with one-stop fast response services,engineering and technical training,flight operations support,material support a comprehensive guarantee aircraft operators.


Emission:CO₂ and NOx emissions  meet CCAR/FAR34

Noise meets the requirements of CCAR-36 and FAR36 fourth stage aircraft noise and has a 15EPNdB design margin

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